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Do I need to be a lawyer to join Lawyers' Music?
No. Although our membership has historically come from lawyers at all stages of their careers (law students, trainees, pupils, solicitors, barristers, partners and judges), you certainly don't need to have a direct connection with the legal sector to become a member - many of our members have only very tenuous links with the legal profession, or indeed none at all!
Do I need to audition?

There are no formal auditions for either the Chorus or the Orchestra, although the Orchestra operates a waiting list for some of the over-subscribed sections (wind and brass).  String players of Grade 8 standard or thereabouts are always welcome.

When and where do rehearsals take place?

We rehearse every week during the season, which usually begins in early September, and concludes in June or early July, with breaks over Christmas and Easter. Please check the rehearsal schedules for full details. Chorus Orchestra

Orchestra - Tuesday evenings from 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm at St Pancras Church Hall, Church House, Lancing Street (off Eversholt Street), London, NW1 1NA (a short walk from Euston Station).

Chorus – Thursday evenings from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm at the Church Hall of the Welsh Church of Central London, 30 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8DJ (a 3-mins walk from Oxford Circus tube stations).

For Saturday evening concerts, there is usually a final rehearsal with soloists, etc. in the afternoon before the concert at the concert venue.

Where do concerts take place?

Our concerts are usually in churches within the City or West End. Recent venues include St James's Piccadilly, Holy Trinity Prince Consort Road, St Giles Cripplegate, Temple Church, LSO St Luke’s and St Andrew’s Holborn.

How often does London Lawyers' Music perform?

Chorus – three concerts a year, usually in December, March and June.

Orchestra – two orchestral concerts a year, as well as accompanying the Chorus for one or more of their three concerts, sometimes as a chamber orchestra.

How much is the subscription?  Are there any concessions?

The annual subscription is currently £180.00 per year (2018/19). Subscriptions are payable in full at the start of each season. New members joining in the second or third term of the season pay a pro-rated subscription.

There is a concessionary rate of £90.00 per annum payable by students.

We encourage tax payers to Gift Aid their subscription so that London Lawyers’ Music can reclaim the tax.

Do I have to buy my own music?

No, music is usually provided and the hire cost is paid from annual subscriptions.  Chorus members sometimes prefer to buy their own copies to keep.

Do I need to sing/play in every concert?

Chorus – members are expected to be available to sing in all concerts.  However, we are realistic and aware that there are times when attending a concert is not possible, due to work or some other pressing reason. 

Orchestra – due to the varying requirements for musicians in each piece, it is not always possible for all members to perform in each concert.  Where numbers of players are limited, consideration will be given to those who have a good attendance record, as well as those best suited to playing the chosen piece.

Do I need to attend every rehearsal?

You are expected to attend every rehearsal unless there is an unavoidable and substantive reason.  Our conductors plan their rehearsals to cover certain material in detail each week, so any absence can be disruptive.  We normally ask that any absence is notified in advance to the conductor or section leader, as appropriate.  Solo wind and brass players who have to miss a rehearsal may be asked to provide a deputy.

In order to be assured of singing/playing in a concert, there may be a minimum attendance requirement.  This will vary from term to term, depending on the repertoire.  The decision of whether someone may sing/play will ultimately rest with the Choral Director or Leader of the Orchestra, whose decision will be final.

Final rehearsals are compulsory.  These usually take place either on a Saturday afternoon before a Saturday evening concert, or from late afternoon/early evening for a week-day evening concert.  Alternatively, they may be scheduled on the last normal rehearsal day.

Is there a ticket-selling commitment?

We do not operate a formal ticket-selling obligation for members, but all members are strongly encouraged to sell as many tickets as possible.

We advertise our concerts online, in various publications and around the local area, but we also rely on our members to bring along friends, family and colleagues.

Ticket sales are an essential source of revenue for us, to help off-set the expense of giving concerts (venue hire, promotional materials, programmes, soloists and professional musicians’ fees).  Where members are unable to sell tickets, they are encouraged to make an equivalent contribution towards the cost of the concert.

We also rely on members to help with concert promotion and the distribution of posters and flyers in advance of our concerts.

What is the dress code for performances?

Normal concert dress is as follows:

Women – long black dress with long sleeves or black blouse with long black skirt or trousers and black shoes.

Men – either black shirt and black trousers, or alternatively (for some concerts) dinner jackets, black bow tie, white shirt and black shoes/socks.

Are there any social events?

We pay great heed to ensuring that London Lawyers’ Music provides its members with a friendly, social and supportive environment in which to make music.  We are all there for a common purpose – to make great music.  This automatically creates bonds between members, but we also look for ways to encourage this further.

We run a popular annual weekend residential event at a beautiful Grade 1 listed 13th century manor house in Charney Bassett (close to Oxford).  This provides a relaxed and fun opportunity in which to sing/play, experiment with repertoire sometimes vastly different from the concert standards, and to get away from London!

In addition, we have welcome drinks at the start of each term, a Christmas supper and rehearsals are usually followed by drinks in a local pub to round off the evening.

The Chorus puts on a Saturday voice workshop each term and members will frequently sing in other concerts on an ad hoc basis, including ‘from scratch’ and flash mob performances!

Members of the Orchestra occasionally play quartets or form other small musical groups for social functions.

During our summer break in July and August, both the Chorus and Orchestra continue to meet – purely on a social level – on one evening each month.

How is London Lawyers’ Music constituted and run?

London Lawyers’ Music is constituted as a company limited by guarantee and has charitable status.

It is run by a Committee of volunteers, drawn from both the Orchestra and Chorus, some of whom are also Directors of the company.

We rely on other members to help out with various additional roles, such as organising refreshments, setting up and putting away equipment, etc.

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