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London Lawyers' Music ('LLM')

London Lawyers' Music ('LLM') consists of the London Lawyers' Symphony Orchestra and the London Lawyers' Chorus. We put on five major concerts each year (three joint concerts and two where just the orchestra play), with concert venues typically in the City or West End of London e.g. St James's Piccadilly, St Paul's Knightsbridge, St Lawrence Jewry, Temple Church, LSO St Luke's and St Andrew's Holborn. Other recent venues have included St John's, Smith Square and Southwark Cathedral.

Is membership only open to lawyers? Although our membership has historically come from lawyers at all stages of their careers (law students, trainees, pupils, solicitors, barristers, partners and judges), you certainly don't need to have a direct connection with the legal sector to become a member - many of our members have only very tenuous links with the legal profession, or indeed none at all!

Common to us all, however, is a love of music and a wish to achieve the highest performance standards possible, whilst not forgetting the importance of a strong social element. Members frequently comment on the value they find in being able to switch off from their usual busy professional lives, and how music plays a role in this. Read the article >>

The majority of our members are performers, either participating in the current programme, or in past performances. LLM is partly funded by members' subscriptions and ticket sales, but we are also very fortunate in having financial support from generous private individuals, major law firms and other companies who wish to contribute to London's musical life. This financial stability enables the society to tackle large scale repertoire.

We like to encourage talent from within, so vocal and instrumental soloists are often chosen from the membership itself, although we regularly engage professionals where appropriate. Among the conductors who have worked with LLM are Rebecca Miller, Jonathan Tilbrook, Paul Hoskins and Ben Pope. Our Choral Director is Chris Oakley, and we always work with a professional conductor for the orchestra.

We are able to offer a broad range of musical opportunities for members and audiences, whether for Chorus and Orchestra as separate entities in chamber, a capella, instrumental and symphonic form, or as combined forces in major choral works. There is an occasional chamber choir and members also have the opportunity to form a variety of ad hoc ensembles for performance or pleasure. Concerto soloists are almost invariably chosen from the membership.

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